creative and has an excellent work ethic

Buzz is truly a pleasure to work with. He is trustworthy, diligent, responsive, honest, knowledgable, and creative and has an excellent work ethic. Honestly, I cannot say enough great things.

Prior to hiring Buzz, we had worked with two realtors from a large DE real estate firm and did
  not have a positive experience with either. After our home did not sell, we decided to list it iwth Buzz.

He came with a different approach and used a strategy whereby he did not allow any showings for the first week and scheduled an open house for the end of the week. In doing so, he was trying to create a sense of urgency – a “buzz” (pun intended) – and it worked. I believe we had sixty people through the open house and four offers the next day (3 more the following day). We sold it at full asking price. He did an excellent job helping us select the overall best offer (evaluating, among other things, purchase price, ability to close, contingencies, etc)

Throughout the inspection and appraisal process, Buzz was great. He did an excellent job negotiating inspections and was present on the day of the appraisal to ensure that the appraiser had all relevant information to assist with the appraisal.

Honestly, I am generally not a fan of realtors (which is saying a lot considering I am a lawyer). Buzz is different. He is hands down the best realtor I have ever met or dealt with and is a great person overall. I have the utmost respect for him and wish I was buying a home in the area so he could represent us. Unfortunately, I can’t because we live in Chicago and I have been unable to convince him to come here to help.

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